Why Godaganda?

Posted: May 5, 2009 in General

Two years ago, I was thumbing through the local arts and culture events listings. I saw an ad for the monthly  “Indianapolis Free thinkers and secular humanists” meeting which was being held less than a 5 min. walk away from my home. The ad encouraged, “ALL PEOPLE are welcome.” So, I decided to go and see what this was all about…mainly to listen but also to speak boldly if such a moment was presented. As I arrived at the restaurant, I was greeted by an interesting group of about 15-20 folks ranging from about 40-75 years old. Excited about a newcomer, especially one who was under 30 and black…the group enthusiastically welcomed me. When orders had been placed, the group proceeded to chat about various things ranging from the medications that they had tried in order to treat their depression, to the plague of religion and Christianity that has ravished humanity for so long.

As one who is deeply in love with Jesus, I sat and listened with deep sadness as these people raged against the Church and the governance of God. One lady was particularly passionate about stopping the spread of “godaganda” that had so infiltrated our educational, political, and cultural institutions. A few weeks later,  I was sitting in my office at a local church where I was the director of Creative Arts, reflecting on how my job title meant that I was supposed to be having the most fun….but my reality mainly consisted of attending and planning meetings. Where was the vibrant artist culture that I had imagined would emerge from our congregation? Why was it so hard to awaken Godly passion and bold expression in my heart and in the hearts of others? Somewhat aimless and discouraged,  I would do random things to pass the time in between meetings. One day as I sat and played around in the “highly sophisticated” music software program Garageband, I glanced at the clock and saw that I had been playing with this program for four hours! I thought..”WHAT AM I DOING? God FORGIVE ME for wasting time. I know I could have been doing  SOMETHING for you…something more spiritual…than this.” Suddenly, the Spirit of Truth…whispered…” You’re doing EXACTLY what I want you to do.This is my song….it’s called Joel 2, read it.” He then began to illuminate this truth:

1. When you purpose to renew your mind in the Word of God daily…your thoughts become more and more like Christ’s as your mind is being transformed into the likeness of the mind of Christ. “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” Prov. 16:3

2. The grace of God is a transformational power that works independent of our awareness or intent, leading us into Holiness and directing our activities to conform to Father’s will. “Thou wilt shew me the path of life.” Psms. 16:11

3. Holy Spirit truly loves it when we cease to strive and allow our bodies to be instruments or portals for the supernatural sights and sounds of Heaven to crash in upon the darkness of our daily human routine. ‘The Kingdom of God is within you.” Lk. 17:21

This was the day that I realized that the Lord had led me to create my first peice of Godaganda. The word Propaganda originally meant “the dissimenation of information.” But since the World War 1 era and the rise of evil dictators who used media to gradually manipulate thoughts and opinions in such a way as to indoctrinate whole societies with certain ideologies…it has taken on a completely negative persona in modern day society. However, we are totally immersed in a propaganda society. The media, movie, and music industries have created ways to consistently and systematically unleash torrents of propaganda that are bent toward MAN’S agendas and have successfully indoctrinated a generation in anti-Christ ideologies. Therefore, it’s time for a generation of artists to arise who KNOW the Jesus of the Bible, to harness the power of God’s Spirit to create Godaganda and systematically introduce the nations to the GodAGENDA.


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