About Godaganda

My name is Jonathan Tremaine Thomas. I am an actor, video producer, entrepreneur, writer, minister, and public speaker..but most importantly a son in the house of the Lord. In a media saturated post-modern society that is driven by various ideological propaganda; I have been compelled to use my voice to trumpet the excellencies of Christ in all matters concerning life and death. The word Propaganda originally meant “the dissimenation of information.” But since the World War 1 era and the rise of evil dictators who used media to gradually manipulate thoughts and opinions in  to indoctrinate whole societies with certain evil ideologies…it has taken on a completely negative persona in modern day society. However, the entertainment industry and broadcast media machines have created ways to consistently and systematically unleash torrents of propaganda that are bent toward MAN’S agendas. Years of 24/7 immersion has successfully turned human secularism into the national religion and prepared this generation to receive every doctrine except the doctrines of God. Therefore, it’s time for a generation of artists  who KNOW the Jesus of the Bible, to harness the power of God’s Spirit to create Godaganda and systematically introduce the nations to the GodAGENDA.

  1. Elizabeth Seckman says:

    I listen to people like Jackson and Sharpton, and I have wondered…where are the true leaders or faith and reason like MLK? Glad I found you guys. It gives me hope. God bless you.

    • Erhardt Harris says:

      Amen! Keep these posts rollin! It’s time to take back the culture and the city. To rise to the authority that is available to sons of God in this hour. And we aren’t going to be able to do that by preaching vague generalities that skirt around the rubber-meets-road issues of our day.

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