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Truly it has been a long time since anything has been posted here.As a deep freeze settles across our nation, I have been immeasurably blessed to escape to a tropical climate and enter into a time of much needed rest. After many years of gratifying yet incredibly arduous ministry, I spent much of 2012 and 2013 feeling almost completely burned out. Mourning over what seemed like an endless spiritual dry season, I was worshipping during a personal prayer time in late October when the Lord interrupted me with this phrase, “I want you to return to the simplicity of talking to me, and the glories of LOOKING AT ME!” I knew then that I was being invited into a focused 40 day season of intentionally talking to God throughout the day, looking FOR Him in my daily surroundings and activities, and looking AT Him through the Word and in whatever ways He chooses to reveal Himself. In a society where technology has provided hundreds of ways for us to look at lesser things, cultural battles implore our participation, political and moral dilemmas demand our allegiance, celebrities vie for our attention, and the pressures of daily survival monopolize our focus; I am embarking on a journey this year to shut things down, stop talking aimlessly to people, talk to God, and look at God. My hope is to creatively capture some of what i’m hearing in my dialog with God, and what i’m seeing as I encounter Him in my daily life. I’ll be posting these findings both on this blog and other social networks with this designation: #LookatGod. While there are many people using this tag to brag about worldly things or selfish ambition, I hope to contribute in ways that will put the majestic attributes of the resurrected Christ and His Father Yahweh on display. If you feel so inclined, join in..create, and post your own experiences with this hashtag as well. Who knows what may happen…let’s create Godaganda (God Propaganda) together. Grace and Peace to You.